Empty Leg Flights

In the private jet industry, one of the most commonly promoted flights, and commonly searched flights are empty leg flights. This is when private jet flyers can get a tremendous discount on certain legs, depending on an operator’s flight schedule. Here is why operators can sell these legs at a discount, and why this type of flight is so attractive.

An empty leg flight occurs when an operator needs to fly to a certain destination, even if they do not have a booked flight for that particular route. Meaning they have to fly “empty.” Since the operator needs to get to that destination no matter what, they are willing to give a big discount on the route to fill the plane. To take advantage of these deals, however, you would have to book that exact route and at that time as well. So people who are flexible with their flight plans can great tremendous deals on these empty legs.

So where do people find these empty leg deals? Most private jet operators promote their empty legs through emails and also post their legs on their website. UberJets posts all empty leg flights on the home page. This is also a great tool for flyers who have common routes. If someone flies from Teterboro to Opa Locka every two weeks, it would be great to constantly search that route to find a great empty leg flight match. Flight schedules change rapidly so make sure to always keep looking for a great deal.