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Black Rock City Airport & Charter Routes

Black Rock City is not your typical city. It’s a temporary community that comes together in the Black Rock desert to enjoy Burning Man, one of the most active and fascinating art festivals in the United States. Burning Man is all about self-expression, with art, music, community, and celebrations that light up the night sky. It can be a family event, but it’s also not for the faint of heart. That’s because Burning Man is unlike any other festival out there. There is no money exchanged at Burning Man – everything is based on a gift economy. So what exactly happens at Burning Man? Well, that’s up to each individual to decide. There are no rules or regulations, so people are free to express themselves in whatever ways they see fit. It’s a truly unique experience that you have to see to believe.

Private Jet Charter Airports in and around Black Rock City, NV

Black Rock City Municipal Airport (889V) – Black Rock City Municipal Airport is the only way to get to burning man directly by plane. It has a short runway, so only turboprops are able to land here, which is why a private flight through UberJets is your best choice.

Reno/Tahoe International Airport (KRNO/RNO) – Black Rock City Airport closed in 2018 due to the overwhelming volume of aircraft landing there.  Reno is farther away from Burning Man but may be the only available option for charter flights to the festival.

Popular Black Rock City Private Jet Charter Routes

One of the best ways to get to Burning Man from Los Angeles is by chartering a private jet. This will allow you to avoid the crowds and get to the event in style. 

If you’re coming from San Francisco, you can also charter a private jet. This will give you a direct route to Burning Man and skip the lines.

If you’re coming from San Diego, you may want to consider chartering a private plane. This will allow you to get to Burning Man in style.

If you’re coming from Phoenix, you can also charter a private jet. This will give you a direct route to Burning Man.

Here is a list of aircraft commonly available for Block Island RI jet charters:

  • Pilatus PC-12 – Great for short flights less than 2hrs, seating for 8.
  • Lear 75 – Popular Light Jet that can reach all of the Midwest, seating for 7.
  • Lear 60 – One of the most popular Midsize Jets in history, seating for 7-8.
  • Gulfstream G-IVSP – Large cabin, free WiFi, intercontinental range, seating for 14.

With the freedom of choice, UberJets Members can decide from a vast arsenal of safety vetted aircraft, all within our select Virtual Hangar℠. This system allows for complete customization of your travel plans – all the way down to the exact year, make, model, and pilot experience! Using the industry’s newest flight optimization technology, UberJets is constantly in the pursuit of perfecting our Jetters aircraft experience…

Luxury Hotels and Restaurants in Black Rock City, NV

If you’re looking for luxury hotels and restaurants in Black Rock City, you’ll be disappointed. Burning Man is all about self-sufficiency and sharing, so there are no fancy accommodations or eateries to be found. Bring your own food and camp where you can, and enjoy the pop-up restaurants that spring up around the festival. You’ll be roughing it, but that’s all part of the fun!

Arts, Culture, and Sights of Black Rock City, NV

Explore. Always explore. Burning Man changes every year with new art, new music, new foods, and new people. Explore Black Rock City yourself to get the full experience.