Rating Your Flight With UberJets

Boston, Massachusetts Aug 11, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – In 2022 consumers have the freedom to purchase, order, or reserve, practically anything with a click of a button. Buying has never been more transparent through the utilization of mobile app technology. Typically, users can perform tasks such as booking a hotel or purchasing game tickets all from an app; so it only makes sense that one can order a private aircraft to get anywhere, and at any time using the UberJets LetsJet App! UberJets puts the power of a corporate flight hangar in the palm of your hand. You can now reserve a completely customized private aircraft as easily as ordering a pizza…

UberJets leads the private aviation industry in private jet booking technology allowing its members to have the quickest access to any and all aircraft they would wish to fly on from our state-of-the-art Virtual Hangar. Inside the highspeed, the Let’sJet app powered by UberJets members has the power at their fingertips to click and travel anywhere all over the globe.  

Every industry is moving more towards a technology-run world.  In the private aviation industry, there are new assets of the industry that are being automated and carried out by technology and API calls.

As the technology in aircraft advances so do the companies that move these aircraft but some more than others.  Uberjets is leading the movement as they have a never-ending advancement in every aspect of their platform.

UberJets makes sure to have every base covered when it comes to the Virtual Hangar platform. The Virtual Hangar is the most advanced platform in the industry as it allows the user to book any aircraft type in the market with just a few clicks.

As the world’s first private aviation booking platform; the Virtual Hangar not only benefits members but also the aircraft owners that enroll their aircraft in the program. The Virtual Hangar platform provides the ability for members to rate their trip and give the crew and aircraft a rating between one and five stars.

After the rating comes in from the passengers the rating is distributed to the owner and they are able to see the experience of the flyers. What also makes this so special is the fact that the owner and pilots also have the opportunity to rate the passengers out of five stars to give feedback on their experience with the passengers.

This is the first of its kind in aircraft rating where the owners, pilots, and passengers are all able to give feedback.  This feedback is something that the entire industry should be targeting in order to make sure the experience for everyone involved is the best that it could possibly be UberJets is here again leading the pack and we are sure the industry will continue to follow.