The First Ever Luxury Software as a Service Has Taken Off!

 NEW YORK, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UberJets is streamlining the private flight booking process in a way that is both simple and economical. UberJets has set out to disrupt and revolutionize the private aviation industry by taking private travel to new heights via its flight-booking software, Virtual Hangar℠.

UberJets Virtual Hangar℠ allows Members to enter their trip details right from their mobile devices and receive matching aircraft solutions directly through the Let’s Jet App, where private flyers can book from the aircraft options available for their respective trip destinations. Members have the option of selecting the exact aircraft including year, make, and model as well as pilot experience that best suits their exact needs. Complimentary catering and car services are included on every flight.

This past week, various members of the UberJets staff were present at NBAA National Business Aviation Association Convention in Orlando where over 10,0000 industry leaders and principals come together from all over the world to network, innovate and discuss ways to lift the industry towards the future.

“We are excited to announce that we have expanded our booking platform by adding an additional 275+ Virtual Hangar ℠ approved aircraft” – says Greg Frost UberJets SVP “with 55% of our bookings consisting of new aircraft that are less than 5 years old, this strategic expansion allows users to instantly book aircraft such as Citation Longitude, Bombardier Global 7500, Gulfstream G650 and many more,” he added. The NBAA conference in Orlando FL was a sound opportunity for UberJets Virtual Hangar℠ approved aircraft owners to showcase their safety and quality vetted new aircraft before being uploaded to UberJets digital catalog for immediate bookings for current users.

About UberJets: UberJets, founded in 2017, pioneered an innovative, pay-as-you-fly (SAAS) software as a service. Inspired by the needs of the modern traveler, UberJets provides 24/7 access to charter services with unparalleled flexibility. While many in private aviation remain fixated on antiquated processes and procedures, UberJets leverages cloud-based machine learning to provide an industry-leading web/app framework. Our technology-driven operating system allows flyers live access to a wide variety of aircraft options amongst the Virtual Hangar℠ platform, granting freedom to choose the exact year, make and model that serves their mission with the best-in-market price point. 

For more information, please visit Contact: Greg Frost, 833-823-7538, [email protected]/