UberJets Featured on PR Newswire

FORT MYERS, Fla.March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UberJets has launched a new ad campaign targeting today’s private flyers – its first 2022 on-field banners with MLB’s Boston Red Sox. In the coming weeks, UberJets will air its very own TV commercial series showcasing its Virtual Hangar℠  technology, as well as other focused strategic outreach to address today’s very advanced and rapidly changing private flier profile. “We are excited to expand our brand awareness with such an amazing organization as the world famous Boston Red Sox at JetBlue Park, in 2021 we successfully displayed with the New York Yankees on George Steinbrener field in Tampa” said Greg Frost SVP. 

These branding opportunities have gained heavy traction for the UberJets Membership from players and fans alikeThere’s a whole new generation of private flyers, and we’ve specialized in attracting them. Now ordering a jet is as easy as clicking a button. This influx of members includes numerous athletes and professional sports teams thanks to our incredible pay-as-you-fly model” said Jackson Cavallerano VP of Athlete Relations at UberJets.

“We are extremely please with the overall direction of UberJets including our A.I technology and machine learning platform integrated with continuous delivery of best in class service & savings to our valued membership community”.. Frost added.