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UberJets Delivers Knockout-Punch to First Class Air Carriers; Up 430% Year-Over-Year

The modern-day inconsistency of commercial aviation has allowed experts to discover the root causes for these incidents. According to The Washington Post, “Airlines had reported 3,420 incidents of ‘unruly passengers’ this year to the Federal Aviation Administration”. And the insanity doesn’t stop here…

But don’t worry! Now there is a platform that brings Cutting Edge Technology to the Private Jet Industry.

It’s 2021, you can order anything ranging from a pizza to a car all from an app. Private aviation technology provider UberJets seeks to revolutionize the world of private aviation, making booking a private jet flight as easy as ordering a pizza.

UberJets has seen a whopping 430% increase in first-class flyer conversions since the COVID-19 outbreak began. Year over year in the second quarter UberJets has seen an immense surge in popularity. Companies such as Amazon and Door Dash have flourished, and UberJets is no exception!

By utilizing the Let’s Jet App, users gain personalized access to their very own Virtual Hangar(sm) accessing over 3500+ safety vetted aircraft to their exact choosing. Inevitably Uberjets software optimizes the best-in-market aircraft options in ascending price order based upon the user’s specific trip request.

“To put it candidly our innovated team of private aviation and technology experts have ultimately created the Expedia & Kayak for private aviation, allowing passengers skip all inconveniences of commercial air travel by providing them the optimal experience for business or leisure,” said Sean Sullivan, chief growth officer at UberJets.

Aside from the cutting-edge booking platform, UberJets members enjoy privileged access to their own personal flight advisor to cater to any specific request.

“In recent events regarding the conflict in Kabul, Afghanistan, UberJets was tasked with providing options from various members. Although the Middle East is not in UberJets service area, we were able to get options readily available, proving our commitment to timely and completely customizable needs,” said Sullivan.

UberJets recently unveiled their reimagined platform, due to such high demand. With a crisp futuristic software and unique features. From the best-in-market pricing to cutting edge technology, members receive the best experience, when they choose The New Way to Fly Private!

About UberJets:
UberJets was founded by a group of highly experienced private aviation and technology industry veterans with a long-shared vision to bring private jet travel up into the 21st century. Delivering deep expertise combined with AI technology, provides members live access to a vast selection of aircraft options, powering freedom to choose the exact year, make and model that caters to each client request.

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