UberJets Launches App Enhancements for Thanksgiving Travel

As the busy holiday season is soon upon us, private flyers throughout the US and Canada look to join up with family during the fast approaching holidays. Uberjets flight search technology has made that a much simpler process to access a private jet, especially here in 2020.

UberJets industry altering technology brings to life real time solutions saving seasoned private flyers thousands to each destination. Through our new Virtual Hangar feature clients can pick the exact year, make and model aircraft best suited to their level of comfort and budget for both business travel or luxury escapes.

To learn more call, click or contact Uberjets at Flyuberjets.com or check us out on the App Store on the Let’s Jet app powered by Uberjets.

UberJets is not affiliated with the 300+ various DBA’s with the name Uber in it, UberJets is strictly private aviation.

About UberJets: UberJets, founded in 2017, pioneered an innovative, pay-as-you-fly technology membership model. Inspired by the needs of the modern traveler, UberJets provides 24/7 access to charter services with unparalleled flexibility. While many in private aviation remain fixated on antiquated processes and procedures, UberJets leverages cloud-based machine learning to provide an industry-leading web/app framework. Our technology-driven operating system allows flyers live access to a wide variety of aircraft options, granting freedom to choose the exact year, make and model that serves their mission with the best in market price point. For more information, please visit:

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