Honolulu, HI- Airports & Charter Routes

Honolulu is now a tropical metropolis stretching around the entire island of Oahu. As Hawaii’s most populated city, Honolulu also lives up to Oahu’s meaning—a “Gathering Place” among the remote Pacific Islands. Honolulu offers loads of activities from snorkeling to surfing and from hiking to farm tours. Visitors to this Pacific crossroads will return home with a piece of paradise in their hearts. Hawaii boasts the best weather on the planet, making nearly anytime the perfect time for an escape to Honolulu. So pack up your bags and enjoy a luxurious charter experience to Hawaii with UberJets!


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Airports in Hawaii are limited. Honolulu International Airport (HNL, PHNL) – is located 3 miles northwest of Oahu Island’s central business district. Where UberJets can handle all of your private charter wants and needs.