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Alternatively to New York City, a private charter to Albany will give you a much more relaxing experience of New York. One of Albany’s main appeals is the art scene, along with an abundance of culture and political history.  The Palace Theatre is one of Albany’s most well-known performing art centers; concerts, entertainment, and Broadway tours are commonplace here. The capital of New York holds the National Historic Landmark, the New York State Capitol. When your charter arrives in Albany, you can enjoy the view of the massive structure from across the street in Capitol Park.  One of Albany’s most famous attractions is The Egg Performing Center, an egg-shaped sculpture and art center that quickly became a staple of New York’s Capital District. A unique setting with breathtaking acoustics, it houses two theaters: The Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre & The Lewis A. Swyer Theatre.  Whether you’re looking to explore the culture and art scene of the city or peruse the gardens of Washington Park, book your private jet to Albany, New York with UberJets.


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Albany International Airport (ALB / KALB) — Conveniently located six miles northwest of Albany, this is an ideal facility for business-related travel due to its proximity to downtown Albany. As the country’s first and oldest municipal airport, it holds a special place in the heart of American aviation.