Private Charter News: Enjoy The Freedom Of UberJets This 4th Of July

Boston, Massachusetts Jun 30, 2022 (  – In 2022 consumers have the freedom to purchase, order, or reserve, practically anything with a click of a button. Buying has never been more transparent through the utilization of mobile app technology. Typically, users can perform tasks such as booking a hotel or purchasing game tickets all from an app; so it only makes sense that one can order a private aircraft to get anywhere, and at any time using the UberJets LetsJet App! UberJets puts the power of a corporate flight hangar in the palm of your hand. You can now reserve a completely customized private aircraft as easily as ordering a pizza.

UberJets leads the private aviation industry in private jet booking technology allowing its members to have the quickest access to any and all aircraft they would wish to fly on from our state-of-the-art Virtual HangarSM. Inside the high-speed, Let’sJet app powered by UberJets members have the power at their fingertips to click and travel anywhere all over the globe.  

The highly advanced private jet tracking technology that UberJets has been able to integrate into its system allows for its members to always receive the best in market pricing. The flight-tracking technology allows UberJets to give the best pricing because it automatically will match the routing of your trip with aircraft tails that are moving in the same direction, preventing members from paying round-trip pricing. The technology that UberJets holds within its software systems is what keeps UberJets at the front of the pack.

This advanced Flight tracking technology is now more beneficial than ever in regards to pricing. With the surges in fuel prices, UberJets still continues to provide lower costs than its competitors by catching aircraft already headed in the direction of the requested flight.

Along with the pricing benefits that the technology provides, it also provides smaller airports that may be closer to members eliminating long commutes to and from the airport. The technology is able to do this because it will scrape data from surrounding zip codes showing all airports that the selected aircraft has jurisdiction to fly into.

The 4th of July is here and with pricing high in the aviation industry on the holiday, UberJets gives you the tools to maximize savings and get to your vacation locations with ease on the mind and the wallet. Enjoy the freedom of flying this weekend with UberJets.

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