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South Bend Airport & Charter Routes

Notre Dame football has become legendary. The Fighting Irish represent one of the most successful and heralded teams in all college sports, with a program that has drawn attention not only from local Indiana residents and UND grads, but also fans from all over the United States. Notre Dame games are some of the only flights we schedule for fans that have never had any association to the school. If doesn’t matter where you live – chances are you, or someone you know, is a fan of Notre Dame football. Their popularity seems to only be increasing as the years go on, as their fans continue to express unwavering support regardless of how their team is performing in any given season. In fact, many people who don’t even like football will tune in specifically to watch Notre Dame play. It’s become more than just a sport – it’s become an institution. And there’s no denying that their place in college football history is cemented. They are truly one of a kind, and will continue to capture the attention and imagination of sports fans for years to come.

Private Jet Charter Airports in and around South Bend, IN

South Bend International (KSBN/SBN) – If you’re flying in to see the Fighting Irish, UberJets has you covered. We’ll get you to South Bend International Airport, which is only about 5 miles from Notre Dame. UberJets is the leading provider of private jet charters, and we’re dedicated to getting you where you need to go. We have a wide selection of jets to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. And we’re always available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. So give us a call today and let us help you make your travel plans.

Popular South Bend, IN Private Jet Charter Routes

Charter a Private Jet from Milwaukee to South Bend – South Bend may not provide a break from the cold winters, but a private jet from Milwaukee to South Bend can still be a great way to enjoy your Saturday.

Private Flights from Indianapolis to South Bend – At nearly 3 hours, Indianapolis to South Bend is a drive few want to make. With a private jet, you can make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

  • Citation Mustang – Great for short flights less than 2hrs, seating for 4.
  • Lear 75 – Popular Light Jet that can reach all of the Midwest, seating for 7.
  • Citation Excel – One of the most popular Midsize Jets in history, seating for 7-8.

With the freedom of choice, UberJets Members can decide from a vast arsenal of safety vetted aircraft, all within our select Virtual Hangar℠. This system allows for complete customization of your travel plans – all the way down to the exact year, make, model, and pilot experience! Using the industry’s newest flight optimization technology, UberJets is constantly in the pursuit of perfecting our Jetters aircraft experience…

Luxury Hotels in South Bend, IN

  • The Inn at Saint Mary’s
  • Ivy Court Inn & Suites
  • The Oliver Inn

Restaurants in South Bend, IN

  • LaSalle Grill
  • The Carriage House
  • Render Kitchen & Bar

Arts, Culture, and Sights of South Bend, IN

  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart
  • Notre Dame Stadium
  • Grotto of our Lady Lourdes
  • Studebaker National Museum