UberJets app lands this year's high flyers to the Big Game

In 2021 consumers have the freedom to order, reserve, or buy anything with a click of a button. Buying has never been more transparent through the utilization of app technology. For this week’s big game travelers can book a hotel, purchase game tickets, and any game day experience all using an app; it only makes sense that one can order a private aircraft to get to the Big game with an app. UberJets puts the power in the palm of your hand to reserve a $40 million aircraft as easy as ordering a pizza with today’s launch of its Virtual Hangar.


It’s a multi-tier platform that allows the jet set or infrequent private flyers the ability to select the exact year, make, and model aircraft always at a single leg pricing. “The companies Fly Fee-lessly model featuring the new Virtual Hangar has attracted tens of thousands of interested private flyers this year,” says Greg Frost , UberJets EVP global partnerships.

Private flyers’ needs are ever-changing, and they value freedom and flexibility today more than ever. It should be simple to book a private jet in today’s booming technology market, but sadly that is not the case with legacy private jet services. Thankfully, UberJets has introduced its Virtual Hangar to give their Let’s Jet app users a wide variety of aircraft options at different price points to give private flyers the freedom to choose the best option for their particular mission. It has never been easier booking a private aircraft using UberJets technology. Unlike jet share programs, jet cards, and fractional ownership, an UberJets Passholder is in complete control of their travel plans, giving them the simplicity of booking on the industry’s most advanced aircraft and technology platform.

About UberJets:
UberJets, founded in 2017, pioneered an innovative, pay-as-you-fly technology Annual Pass model. Inspired by the needs of the modern traveler, UberJets provides 24/7 access to charter services with unparalleled flexibility. While many in private aviation remain fixated on antiquated processes and procedures, UberJets leverages cloud-based machine learning to provide an industry-leading web/app framework. Our technology-driven operating system allows flyers live access to a wide variety of aircraft options, granting freedom to choose the exact year, make and model that serves their mission with the best in market price point. For more information, please visit www.virtualhangar.io/ .